Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Digital Model of Hong Kong

The Planning Department and a private consultant developed a digital model of Hong Kong, which allows efficient data management as well as effective visual assessment of proposed developments.

By using the techniques of real-time visualization, flythrough and walkthrough in association with the traditional presentation materials such as sketches, diagrams, illustrations and photomontages, a more realistic and conceivable experience can be conveyed to the participants.”

The model uses raster and vector based formats.  The raster based format is useful for rough outline of buildings and their surrounding landscape. The vector based format helps with a more detailed study involving building facades and 3D profiles. 
规划署和私人顾问公司开发香港,允许高效的数据管理,以及拟议的发展有效地视觉评估数字的模型。"素描、 关系图、 图和 photomontages 传统演示材料结合使用的实时可视化、 flythrough 和演练的技巧,通过更加现实和想象的经验能传送到参与者。"该模型使用栅格和矢量的格式。光栅格式用于粗略大纲的建筑物和其周围的景观。基于矢量格式可帮助更详细的研究,涉及建筑幕墙和三维轮廓。

Reference and illustration credit: Setting up of a 3 dimensional digital model for the main urban area of Hong Kong, The Planning Department, Hong Kong.


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Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbor-front

The study area is located on the Northern Shore of Hong Kong. The New Central Harbor-front (NCH) is remarkable for its civic, historic and cultural significance in the city of Hong Kong. The plan calls for a comprehensive Pedestrian Network with an aim to enhance pedestrian links from the hinterland to the waterfront. The use of public transport and pedestrian access facilities is encouraged to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly harbor-front.

As part of the Study, sustainability objectives and performance indicators addressing economical, environmental and social aspects were formulated using established sustainability principles, international precedents and public views received during the Public Engagement exercises.”

The sustainability principles are as follows:
(a) Diverse Uses and Activities
(b) Respecting Natural and Existing Urban Context
(c) Promoting Harbor-front Enhancement
(d) Respecting Cultural Heritage
(e) Ease of Pedestrian Access to Harbor-front
(f) Promoting Environmentally Friendly Building Design and Greening
研究区位于香港北海岸上。新中央港口前 () 著称的香港城及其公民、 历史和文化意义。该计划呼吁全面的行人网络,目的是提高从腹地到海旁的行人链接。鼓励公共交通及行人设施的使用以创建更可持续和环保的港口前。"为研究的一部分,可持续发展目标和业绩指标解决的经济、 环境和社会方面制订了使用成立可持续发展原则、 际先例和公众参与演习期间收到的公众意见。可持续发展的原则如下: (a) 各种不同的使用和 (b) 现有城市环境与尊重自然 (c) 进港口前港-f (d) 尊重文化遗产行人通道 (e) 易用性增强活 … …

Reference and Illustration credit: Urban Design Study for the New Central Harbor front. Final Report, March 2011, AEDAS
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Urban Design to Create a World Class City

In order to cope with a rapid increase in population and a limited amount of developable land, Hong Kong initiated an urban design study in 2000. The aim of such a study was “to promote Hong Kong's image as a world class city and to enhance the quality of our built environment in functional and aesthetic terms and at both macro and micro levels.” After a couple a public meetings, the final guidelines were completed in mid 2003.

At the macro level the study focuses on the relationship between the built form (buildings, space and infrastructures) and its natural setting (mountains, water and green space). At the intermediate level it focuses on the relationship between buildings, buildings to space, and buildings/space to streets. At the micro level the study focuses on the relationship between the users (human beings) and the built environment. “Urban Design is the use of physical design methods and development processes to create a high quality, sustainable total built environment that respects the spirit of the place and public interest of Hong Kong.”

The study concludes that in order to improve urban design in Hong Kong, the key stakeholders must be convinced of the economic and social merits of good urban design.
为了应付人口与土地的面积的有限的数量迅速增加,香港发起在 2000 年的城市设计研究。这项研究的目的是"进香港作为世界级城市的形象,提高我们建成环境质量的功能和美学的角度和宏观和微观的层面。"后一对夫妇公开会议,在 2003 年年中完成了最后的指导方针。在宏观层面上研究的重点是建筑的形式 (建筑、 间和基础设施) 和其天然的设置 (山、 水和绿色空间) 间的关系。在中间一级重点楼宇、 间,对建筑物和建筑/间街道之间的关系。在微观层面研究的重点是用户 (人类) 和建筑的环境之间的关系。"城市设计是使用物理设计方法和创建高质量、 可持续的发展进程共建成的环境 th … …

Reference and Illustrations: Executive Summary, Urban Design Guidelines for Hong Kong, RMJM Hong Kong, Planning Department – Hong Kong SAR Government, November 2002
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The Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop

The Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop is one of ten major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong.  It has been designed to spur economic development. The land use for the area was determined through open discussions at public meetings. The proposed development would accommodate higher education, research and development of new high technology and cultural and creative industries.

The overall objective of the Loop Study is to formulate a comprehensive plan for development and implementation of the Developments and Infrastructure with a view to developing a sustainable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and people oriented community.”
发展的落马洲河套是香港的十个重大基础设施项目之一。它被设计来刺激经济发展。该地区土地的使用是通过在公众集会上公开讨论确定的。建议的发展将会容纳高等教育、 研究和发展高新科技与文化及创意产业。"环研究的总体目标是,以发展一个可持续的、 环境友好型、 能源效率和以人为本社区制订发展和实施的事态发展和基础设施的综合计划。"

Reference and photo credit: Planning and Engineering study on the development of Lo Ma Chau Loop, The Planning Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department and Arup, 2009.
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Po Shan Road Landslide: 40 years later

A deadly landslide occurred near Po Shan Road on June 18, 1972, which killed sixty seven people, and injured 20 others. Two major buildings were completely destroyed. It appears that it rained heavily for one week prior to the landslide.

Here is an eye witness account of what happened:

A loud noise, followed by loss of electricity. Emergency vehicles arrived minutes later. We were living in Littleton Road, just a block from the scene. All we saw was muddy water running down from Kotewall Road. The high-rise residential block at No.12 Kotewall Road vanished. A few days later we too had to evacuate from our flat at Littleton Road as there was considerable danger of further landslide.”

宝珊道滑坡: 40 年后致命的滑坡生近宝珊道 1972 年 6 月 18 日,其中六十七人死亡和 20 人受。两个主要建筑完全被。看来重滑坡的前一周。里是生了什么事的眼睛见证帐户"一声巨响,接着的失。车辆到达分后。我住在石路,只是从现场块。我看到的只是从旭龢道运行的水。在 12 号旭龢道的高住宅大楼消失了。几天后我也不得不撤出利特道我们单位,因有相当大的一步滑坡的危"

Photos of the landslide
Reference: 1972 Po Shan Road landslide / Kotewall Road disaster
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frank Gehry in Hong Kong

With the completion of a 12 story luxury residential tower designed by Frank Gehry, Hong Kong has joined a number of global centers to claim a noteworthy building by Gehry in their city. The tower has ten 6,000 square foot units, which cost approximately $27,000 per square foot. The tower is known as “the Opus” and it has become the most valuable real estate in Hong Kong. The Opus overlooks a marvelous landscape of Hong Kong city and its harbor, and is located at the highest point in Hong Kong.

· 盖里在香港与 12 故事的豪住宅楼,由弗 · 盖里设计的完成,香港已加入了多个全球中心声称得注意建筑物盖瑞在他的城市。塔有十 6,000 平方英尺位成本 27,000 美元每平方英尺。塔称"作品"的伍,它已成香港最有价的房地Opus 俯瞰香港城和它的港口的神奇景,是位于香港的高点。

Video on the Opus:

Reference: Medina, Samuel, See Frank Gehry's Newest Apartment Building, Architizer, April 10, 2012
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Grandeur and Skyscrapers of Hong Kong

The Grandeur and Skyscrapers of Hong Kong:

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